Nichols Seafood Restaurant

5 Reviews

Erin Kibodeaux
Sep 7, 2016

Fried gulf shrimp is so good! Better than a seafood chain by far. Fresh and local. Owner always present and attentive. Good service and kid friendly with their treasure box for kids after they eat. Family from out of town always wants to go when they visit.

JD Odom
Jun 30, 2016

A decent seafood restaurant if you are in Milton, Florida. Fried shrimp and oysters are really good here while the flounder and gumbo is just ok. The prices here are average (for seafood) and the service is usually up to par. One thing to keep in mind is that Nichols is not open for lunch, only dinner. In conclusion, an enjoyable meal at a fair price.

cumulo nimbus
May 8, 2016

Staff is courteous and gulf fried shrimp are good. Sorry, folks, that is all you get for good. No music, no signs of life, old folks home eatery. ***No front of house discipline for cleanliness. -Everything I put my hand on, my hand stuck to it -cleaning with a dirty rag for multiple tables, and no sani-buckets anywhere -condiment bottles which had buildup all over; need to change to non-reusable -ceiling lights had not been dusted on the chain going to the ceiling; dust and crap in my food ***No back of house discipline for freshness. +Gulf shrimp are amazing, no question, this is done right. -frozen [fried scallops] no flavor, no taste at all actually. deep fried breaded, not pan-seared. -jarred? canned? no flavor [fried oysters]; this one bothers me -crab? cake: tastes like 3-4 day old fish in a refrigerator, super-fishy taste It seems as there is no formal training, anywhere, with exception to preparation of fresh seafood in back of house, which there is of very little. Everything else comes from a deep freezer or a can/jar to be fried. If it was fresh, it was fresh 2-3 days ago with a failing refrigerator seal leading to danger zone temperatures, causing this odd off-flavor in fresh seafood (crab, etc). The oysters may be fresh, but there isn't a shred of flavor to them, and they're mediocre warm, not even hot, left in the window to die, or god forbid a lazy chef prepping big batches and trying to keep it warm under a dead heat-lamp. (once again front of house and/or expo) Now like other reviews, the menus had mold on the paper portion, from some sort of spill in the paper area, and the sleeves were cracked and deteriorating in my hands. Plastic drink ware was shoddy at best from being dropped multiple times in the dish room and chipping. Chuck them in the bin, no need keeping this as your first introduction to set the tone for the rest of the meal. Take my advice or leave it. Get training, leadership, and guidance; or shut the doors for good. Owners, get rid of the freezer pre-fried refuse; fresh is king. Fix the refrigerator. Time, temp, date everything. If all else fails smell it, make one, and eat it YOURSELF. Don't feed my family your leftovers for $25 a head. Single sheet laminated and updated menus. They can be wiped down and reprinted as needed, no need to reuse old menus to save $20 bucks. One time use condiments or pre-portioned in throw away plastic ramekins. Easy, simple, and CLEAN. Check and recheck the front of house and don't let the servers leave until it is DONE. I worked in a seafood restaurant for many years, these servers have no training on cleaning. 90% of a servers job is cleaning, the other 10% you can divvy how you wish. Of the percentage of cleanliness, this place gets a 25%. So what are your staff doing the other 75% of the time besides riding the clock. Receipt should be left at the table detailing line items for what was purchased and charged not just a receipt with a price to pay, this is shady business practices. No exceptions. Leave a line-item detail with every bill. You need a Chef Gordon Ramsay, or Chef Robert Irvine to rescue, ASAP.

Renee Kirkland
Feb 19, 2016

Delicious food, good price. Our waitress Monya was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you for a great meal! We will be back!

abbi dubose
Aug 26, 2016

Very disappointed. Fish of the day (Maui Maui) had no taste, The She Crab soup was awful & whoever heard of a restaurant charging $1 more for grilled fish?!!?!