Pizza Hut

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Jean Lowers
Oct 17, 2016

Rude as F. I had an issue and didn't get my full order delivered. The so called Manger told me I was telling a lie. After explaining her my issue she gave me such attitude then hung up on me after said there was nothing she can do.. I called the next day to talk to the other manage and the lil girl that answered had no clue when her store manager would be all have a schedule hanging up..go look and I'll call back..Nope nothing..Pay the extra few dollars and order somewhere that actually wants your money.

Shannon Riley
Oct 5, 2016

Was ordering food from them for the last 6 months with no issue. Now apparently we live outside their delivery area.... Being in a pizza dead zone is not fun. I guess they got new management that don't care about peoples pizza needs. Sigh

Pop Corn
Apr 22, 2016

Katie Lorin, if you are going to correct the spelling of someone else, then perhaps you yourself should spell words correctly.... right is the correct spelling, not 'rite'. The pizza is fairly expensive for the lack of sause, cheese, and toppings. Even when we request and pay for extra, it is prepared with very little of anything. It is like the cheese, sause, and toppings are taken out of their pay with how stingy they can be. The hot wings are really good though.

Jan 1, 2016

Ordered after Thanksgiving when you had 2 med. pizza special. Store was busy. Waited on site for 45 minutes. No med hand tossed crusts so took thin instead. Gentleman up front said he would refund the price of one pizza to my card for the inconvenience. When pizza's finally came we would have enjoyed eating the box more.These were barely recognizable as pizza's. My first experience with the Pace, FL store was bad but everyone deserves a second chance so I went back. Worst pizza ever. No refund to my card yet and no more business from us.

William Vernon
Jun 4, 2015

2 Times now this pizza hut was out of pizza dough? and frosting. Who knows what else. If you can manage to get food from them I bet it will taste great!