Burger King

5 Reviews

Aaron Godwin
Oct 18, 2016

Burgers taste great along with some chicken fries. The building could use a tune up as it looks horrible.

lacey goulet
Jun 25, 2016

Worst place ever!!!! If I could give negative stars I would. Not only is the customer service aweful with the rudest people working here but also will never get your order correct. I keep saying I will never go back but after a few months I try to give them another chance. Never fails though to disappoint. This last time they even had us to pull up only to leave out 1 full meal and a side of hashbrowns. Why pull up if they still are not going to double check everything is correct. When I tried to call the store to inform them of their mistake the line would only ring and no one will pick up. I have seen them do this in the store and can understand...why answer when you know it's only because they are calling to complain about your screw up. Really this Burger King should be shut down to let someone who deserves it and cares come it to serve people. It's long over due and been this way for at least 20 years. I hope someone reads this and does something about this place.

Alex Hester
Jun 18, 2016

This burger king is absolutely TERRIBLE!! There was a giant spill over by the drink machine, I had to actually tell THE STAFF the coffee tank was empty, I asked for a medium combo and I got a small. What an embarassament!

Josh Morrison
Jul 3, 2016

My experience was fantastic, the staff was on point and very polite, my order was correct and the wait was bout 90 seconds that's fast food (: I would recommend This place to everyone (: food was fresh and ready!

May 25, 2016

I came here at 1:13 in the morning and ordered 70 nuggets, I know that's a big order but, the attitude I got wasn't deserved that's all I'm saying.