Taco Bell

5 Reviews

Dave Harrison
Oct 31, 2016

Have yet to screw up one of my special orders. Top notch compared to many other taco bells

james cochran
Feb 8, 2016

Best taco bell experience I've every had. I like taco bell although the food is usually not prepared well. This location was great. Everything was fresh tasting and well made.

Pacific LeFleur
Aug 9, 2016

Great customer service! Here for breakfast and we love it! ????????????

Jun 10, 2016

It would be faster for you to make tacos at home than wait at this slow excuse for "fast" food

Andrew Harvey
Aug 2, 2015

The service is sometimes slow, but the food is great. I have never had an issue with any workers there. And the new breakfast is the best idea ever for them.