5 Reviews

Mari Lewis
Aug 29, 2016

Mr,Williams and all of the other employees are awesome and so very kind. I love the McDonald's in Cantonment Fl it is a great place to let my kids play and eat. Thank you to all the employees there and most of all Mr Williams a great man..

Denise Wisdom
May 21, 2016

I had my grandson in the playground when he told me he had to poop. He's 2 and we didn't make it to the restroom in time. I looked for a changing table and there WASN'T one. Are you kidding me!!!! A McDonalds with a kids playground and no baby changing table!!!! I changed him on the filthy floor and strained my back doing so. An employee came in but she just shrugged at not having facilities to change a baby. I'll go the 4 miles to 9 mile rd next time even though it doesn't have a playground. If I ever have this happen again where I take him I will change him in the restaurant on a table. Get a changing table you gross restaurant!!!

REB Ranes
Jul 15, 2016

Local. Basic quick food. Hot coffee and sweet tea. Has an indoor kids play area.

Jose Rivera
Jun 6, 2016

Workers look dirty and are rude over priced and not made properly

Greg Pridham
Oct 6, 2016

Always fast courteous service