Waffle House

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Lewis Thomas
Jul 21, 2016

OK Today has been Dramatic. I wake up craving Blueberry waffles from Waffle House So I wait for my other half (Teresa) to wake up and go there for breakfast. The only item I go to waffle house for is their great blueberry waffles. The location in Milton, Florida stopped selling blueberry waffles because "the blueberry's are too expensive at $20/bag". So no reason for me to ever go back there again. Lost all Respect for Waffle House

Natalie Roberts
Jun 24, 2016

I used to call this place awful waffle, but in the last few years I have noticed tons of improvement. The food is delicious and always made fresh! My advise would be to bring a blanket! They keep the ac set at like 43 degrees!

Terry Wells
Oct 15, 2016

Good affordable food

Pacific LeFleur
Aug 8, 2016

Enjoyed a meal with my son. The chocolate chip waffles were delicious! ????

royce johnson
Apr 23, 2016

Good food...good service. Tim the mgr seems to have a good working relationship with the staff.