Firehouse Subs

5 Reviews

Greg Sanders
Jul 17, 2016

Typically tasty Firehouse Subs in a not-typical setting. Housed in a stand-alone frame structure, this sub shop is loaded with old Florida, go-to-the-beach ambiance rather than strip-mall sameness. The sandwiches are what you have come to expect from Firehouse, tasty and substantial. We'll be back.

Shane Tucker
Oct 11, 2016

Great staff and excellent sandwiches.

Bo Price
Nov 29, 2015

Much better than Subway sandwiches! It's almost not even a competition between Subway and Firehouse Subs. The customer service is superb and the restaurant is fairly clean. Family friendly place!

Vickie Vaughn
Jun 6, 2016

Friendly staff, great service and a clean environment. Plenty of room both inside and in the parking area.

Tommy Reed
Nov 25, 2015

Much tastier than Subway. More expensive though too.