Pizza Hut

5 Reviews

Heather Roberts
Jun 29, 2016

Pizza hut always provides a decent lunch buffet. The server was attentive today and the pizza ???? flew off the bar as fast as they could make it. $6.98 for all the pizza you can stomach and soda you can gulp... Sure why not?

Erica Garcia
Sep 27, 2016

The waitress was nice but her manager (Tina) complained about a request i put in for the buffet and i walked over and told my waitress not even worry about it anymore. She came to the table and apologized for her managers actions, which was not my waitresses fault nor place to be sorry for something her manager did. I won't be back unless they go under New management. Clearly this African American manager is racist..especially treating her employees AND customers like crap!

Elizabeth Obanion
Jul 14, 2016

Waitress was to busy sitting in the office. Waited 45 minutes for or pizza. Waited on someone to cash us out for 20 minutes. Go to another Pizza Hut if you want good service... our tables were dirty. Won't go back.... watched 4 people walk out.

Dennis Pierce
Aug 9, 2016

My waitress was friendly. The new management decided to close the buffet early. What was left on the buffet had dried out. The breadsticks were more like croutons. The pizza used to be good. Will not be going back.

Blake Miles
Sep 7, 2016

Cici is 10x better service is poor and tables are nasty