Tastee Freez / Big T

5 Reviews

Terry Wells
Oct 16, 2016

Let's start with the great food, regardless of what you are eating. Patrons please remember that, yes, this is a food restaurant and specifically they are cooking upon the order being placed. However, I also consider the drive thru also very slow especially considering the challenge associated with parking....but regardless this is a hometown owner/operator that continues to provide a great service & more importantly great food

T Harris
Aug 5, 2016

Mike, the service here is getting slower and slower each time we come back. If you want to cater to call in business only then close the dining area. After waiting 30-40 minutes inside and then inquired about our order, we were told they were backed up with call in orders. Hope it gets better.

Tim Foster
Jul 20, 2016

Awesome burger just a great deel. Pleasant staff quick service. A must if in the area.

Shannah Elizabeth
Aug 18, 2016

I give you guys 5 stars if the drive thru didn't take forever to get my food. But food is great.

Paige Gibson
Feb 18, 2016

Great ice cream, great food. However, this is one of the dumpier buildings in Milton. I'm sure if you went at night you could find a back ally hooker snorting crack. They treat there employees like dirt, and the managers are perverted and creepy. So if you have a teenage daughter, do not let her go here alone.