Ollie's Neighborhood Grill

5 Reviews

Mel Guzman
Oct 29, 2016

Got carry out wings, they were the smallest wings I've ever seen in my whole life. Might as well have gone to Wing Street. Pitiful! Will not go there again. All my friends have had similar experiences. Shame they are they only wing spot in Milton.

Natalie Roberts
Jun 24, 2016

I LOVE OLLIES BURGERS!!!!! BAMA BURGERS ARE CONSISTANTLY IN MY THOUGHTS! Extra crawfish and pepperjack cheese please! YUMM!

Susan Crawford
Oct 20, 2016

Great service and great atmosphere! Absolutely fabulous place to eat!

Clay Sheffield
Jul 25, 2016

We love it here. Saves us a good bit because most restaurants close before they do here. Burgers are top notch!

Dustin Steadman
Jul 21, 2016

Had the wings which were pretty tasty. Quality service, and seems to be a pretty quiet place to grab a bite.