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Jason Lemons
Sep 1, 2016

Food was what you would expect from any other Hardees and the restaurant areawas clean. I give credit to the employees for dealing with the squeaky equipment through an entire shift. Drive-thru is going to be your best choice for those who cannot tolerate high pitched sounds.

Heather Roberts
Jul 11, 2016

I used to live close to this Hardees and would frequent it at breakfast time. Stopped in last night for chicken tenders for a quick dinner and ordered 3 combos (one for each person in the car) she informed me it would be a 5 minute wait... Sure no problem I'll gladly wait for fresh product... What we got was 1 or 2 fesh tenders out of 15 and some that had been tossed back in the fryer to get warm. :/ This isn't an isolated incident and warn against visiting this location except when they are very busy in the morning.

Jimmy Albert
Jul 28, 2016

Good experience, tried to eat as healthy a sandwich as I could , but $6.00 for a small chicken sandwich is insane, service was friendly and fast but the chicken tasted extremely salty , I prefer the little red for truck up the road but for convenience sake I whipped through the drive through. The employee was cheerful and pleasant so overall a good experience.

packmon 40
Apr 1, 2016

DO NOT EAT AT THIS HARDEES!!!!! The store is always filthy so I can't imagine what the cooking area looks like. I have gotten inedible food for the third time in a month. 1st, Burger was burnt to the point the outer edges were black and crunchy. 2nd, Fish sandwhich was literally like leather from having been under a heat lamp for who knows how long and 3rd, they consistantly over cook the biscuits and on this occasion they were actually burnt and hard but they served them anyway.

Stephanie Roach
Feb 10, 2016

I'm currently sitting in the parking lot, waiting forever on my food. The lady at the drive thru took 10 min to even ask for my order. Its like she didn't know I was there. And this is at 9pm and they are dead of customers. When I finally order and drive around to get my food, I see that she is the only one working both front and drive thru. 10 min later I'm sitting and she finally says something to me. She says "we just now dropped your chicken". I need you to wait some more so pull up". When I can clearly see all the employees just standing around. What were you doing that you didn't drop my chicken when I ordered it and having me wait 20 min for food! The food here is overpriced and usually not cooked well. I only come here because it's close to my house and convient. But after tonight I may not come back at all.