5 Reviews

Kathy Greenwood
Aug 6, 2016

We like Wendy's, but why don't you have the power Mediterranean salad? I had it in Kentucky last month and it was awesome!

Sandra Klee
Jul 9, 2016

They're always very nice BUT this is the 4th time I've ordered a baked potato and they were out or not ready. If it's in the menu, it should be consistently available.

PoE MoneyMakers
Aug 4, 2015

The manager, Kim, is friendly and awesome to us as well as other customers. The kids working there are competent and respectful despite some customers not being competent and respectful. The food is always fresh and they don't screw up your order like Taco Bell down the road. The lobby and bathrooms are clean. Compared to other Wendy's this one is by FAR the best.

Joshua Daniel Cooke
Aug 21, 2016

Could be more friendly though

Wanda Withers
Aug 28, 2016

My Wendy's