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Gage Schlegel
Sep 9, 2016

The McDonald's on woodbine is the biggest Joke ever!!! Don't go there save your money! They Messed up my order because the teenager was not paying attention and then tried to get us to repay for stuff that we had already asked for. Plus we got a messed up meal and still had to ask for stuff they had forgotten to put in tray. Especially when it was 6 people in the lobby and 4 were in my group. Truly disappointed, first customers are first and if I have not touched the food off the tray & it's still sitting next to the register demand for a refund for poor service & a messed up order and the manager got snippy with us and wouldn't give it to us. Tried to call corporate right then and there to report this incident and just have to wait to call tomorrow! But seriously if you can't do your job and are rude to customers why do you work at a fast food place.

Anthony Faria
Apr 10, 2016

My wife and I go out our way to give our business to this location! The staff is extremely nice and the food is well prepared! Other local McDonald's can learn a lot from this location!

Machele Cerbone
Dec 3, 2015

The manager here is a serious fiance is black and got off work early I told him to wait there until I got off to pick him up and I would take him home. The manager threatened him and made him wait in the cold. I'm pissed and will talk to the general manager as.well as anyone higher to make sure this is dealt with.

Joey Rambo
Jun 22, 2016

Order the two for three dollars and choose two bacon burgers. I assumed they would have bacon on them, apparently I assumed wrong. The number and hours Google has for this place is incorrect.

James Bentley
May 12, 2016

Greatest McDonalds in the area!! Wonderful service and excellent quality!