Hungry Howie's Pizza

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Shelby Fox
Oct 20, 2016

General Manager (Anthony Tomaro) physically abused me while I worked at this location. I requested a week off in advanced, I was only scheduled for three days (4 hour days) that week because Anyhony Tomaro was trying to make me quit. We dated for the two years I worked there & when I moved out of his house he messed up my schedule. (I never requested off) & they scheduled me anyway. I went in & told one of the managers & he told me it would be fine. That I didn't have to come in. I checked the schedule the next week, and I wasn't on it, when I talked to Anthony Tomaro he said that I was a no call no show. And that I would need to talk to the owner Mike Westjohn, so I asked how to get in touch with him, he wouldn't give me a phone number, and he refused to tell me the days he was coming in. I worked there for two years and everyone refused to give me the owner's phone number. I finally got it from a manager, and when I try to contact Mike Westjohn he did not ever answer back. I went back for a couple of weeks and they were refusing to put me back on the schedule. Then I got a letter from HR and they had marked my no longer working there a "voluntarily quit". This place is extremely corrupt, and extremely unprofessional.

Mark Balanowski
Jul 16, 2016

The lady who was at the register was either very rude or just an idiot. I asked her what was all on the supreme pizza and she asked me what size I wanted. Seemed like she did not want to take my order or like I was an inconvience to her. Decent pizza but overall a bad experience. Looking back I should have walked out after being disrespected.

Chris Archangel
Oct 31, 2016

One of the best places to find a salad in town. Who'd a thunk it?

Apr 9, 2016

My daughter loves pizza. Hungry Howie's keeps it affordable and their flavored crust keeps us coming back.

jimmy or cool dude
Oct 30, 2015

pizza is yummy I wish I could eat it all day but its sorta expensive but still worth it ????