5 Reviews

James Bergholt
Jun 8, 2016

A very good fast food stop. If you get their coupons they are a really good bang for the buck. Most the staff is very nice and they food is pretty fresh.

Nikki Ford
May 21, 2016

U have to ask for condiments. The food was really good and the staff was nice. It was clean but out dated on the registers and monitor's.

Christopher Erwin
Dec 2, 2015

The business is clean. The cashier was very busy talking to friends at the counter instead of taking my order. She went from cooking to handling money then back to cooking all while wearing the same gloves. The staff was nice but seemed to care very little about what they should be doing and more about what to chat about.

Ryan Winkles
Apr 24, 2016

Very friendly service and the food was fresh.

Carlos R
Apr 4, 2016

The was a lunch stop on our way back home from vacation. This location was clean and the staff was friendly.