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Krist Lime
Apr 27, 2016

The music was good but the service was horrible! We couldn't order because we couldn't find the waiter and then when we finally did we waited over 20 min to get the check. The waiter/bartender danced and partied with the other staff a long time before bringing it and then took another 10 min to process the credit card. We watched him the whole time. When I asked him why it took so long, he went all diva and started shouting over the band that it took time to get a check because "everyone needed their check at the same time." Then proceeded to swear at me and call me names. I had to leave and let my friend settle the check. Honestly, there would have to be a GREAT band on for me to EVER go there again. Really...spend your money elsewhere!

Alicia Murdock
Sep 22, 2016

Fast Service with a live DJ playing the hottest tracks! I mean this has to be the most hype McDonald's in existence. That certainly was a first for me

Chantel Gissentanner
Aug 7, 2016

There was alot of customers waiting long for their food. The little mexican manager was rude he told me that I have to wait after that asked for my money back. He lucky I was still in my uniform cause the time I wasted waiting for my food was crazy. I ended up going to Subways I was so upset I didnt eat the whole sandwich. If I wasnt in my uniform I would of went back to the store and threw my meatball sandwich at him.

Henry Tuell
Oct 3, 2016

McDonald's food is McDonald's food so this review is not about the food, it's about the service. The services is horribly slow. Staff standing around joking with each other while customers are waiting. They only seem to do their job when the manager/supervisor is constantly monitoring them. So's not fast food. I waited more than 10 minutes for an egg McMuffin, hash browns, and a Coke and there were only two customers in front of me.

Lauren Belan
Jul 12, 2016

Haha. Cool McDonald's that changed something from the conventional boring eat and go Mcs. Music that makes it so much happier than other locations. The food? OK, this is MCS. The service? Less than OK, this is MCS ;)