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Carolyn De Melo
Jul 28, 2016

This place is kitschy and loud. With a casual pseudo summer/southern flare, seating is a chaotic mess. The ambiance is overwhelming, otherwise it would have gotten another star. Their food on the other hand is really solid. They do seafood and margaritas exceptionally well, and the staff is accommodating (I wanted mescal in my drink instead of tequila and it wasn't a big deal). It's in a really charming area of Manhattan as well, but do not come here seeking a really healthy dinner as much of it is fried.

Brian Spain
Aug 26, 2016

I had to update my review here. I used to have this place as 5 star, but it seems to be going down hill. That saddens me. I've been going here for approximately 4 to 5 years. I always thought it was better Pre-Sandy, but I was glad that it came back after Sandy. This used to be my goto spot for first dates. Anyway, today convinced me that my old Cowgirl Seahorse is dead. In its place is a restaurant that still looks awesome, and still has the best nachos I've had in NYC, but everything else has lost its luster. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 2 is the fact that they still have the best nachos I've found in NYC. Their Hurricane Nachos are by far my favorite. Second Favorite being ones from Brother Jimmy's UWS that closed a year or two ago. The other Brother Jimmy's still have them, but not the same. I got the nachos as usual, and my friend got the Lobster Sliders. That seemed like a great bet. However, what they did not mention on the menu was that it was the claw meat from the lobster. A lot of people may not notice that, but that's seriously the worst part of the lobster, and for $20, I think it should be noted on the menu. It took 45 minutes for our food to come. If one has an hour lunch break, this place wasn't ideal. However, this might be a one-off thing, since normally they are rather punctual with cooking. The restaurant was busy, but I've seen it busier and never had to wait. And finally, my major complaint, the staff wasn't friendly. I've always had the BEST service here. I've always felt like they appreciated me coming in. But today, me and the rest of the customers were a nuisance to them. There was one point that I almost got up and left. However, for their nachos, I toughed it out. I would recommend this place if you REALLY love nachos, and you don't care about service or waiting. I'm not sure I will ever go back, which saddens me because I've had so many great memories here. Maybe I'll try again sometime when I have an extra hour or two to kill for lunch. One final note, in my old review I mentioned they had Pepsi products. They now have Coke products. Not sure if that matters to people.

Daniel Horner
Oct 6, 2016

I'm sometimes shocked by how laid back this place is. Not the easiest location to get to by transit, but amazing food, consistently good service.

Lili Pino
Jun 28, 2016

HORRIBLE! My family and I went there for lunch, after looking over the menu I knew the food wasn't going to be great. My mother got the fish and chips and I got the chili dog. Worst mistake of my entire life. After a few hours of walking around and exploring nyc my family and I decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants. Unfortunately I couldn't eat a thing I felt so sick. I couldn't even drink water! My father and mother finally took me home early from dinner and had the rest of my party enjoy their night. While on the cab ride home I threw up! Thankfully I had a empty bag with me and didn't make a mess! After throwing up I felt better and went up to my hotel room. While laying down for about a half an hour flipping through tv channel , I again threw up everywhere. For the rest of the night I woke up every half an hour and threw up and so did my mother. The next day was our last day here visiting my sister here whom I never see. Really disappointing to not be able to spend time with her while I'm laying in bed feeling the most sick I've ever felt. DO NOT GO!

Nick Ferguson
Aug 3, 2016

Nothing special. A bar that's country/beach themed. Drinks were okay, margaritas come from a slushy dispenser at the bar. I won't be back.