Luke's Lobster FiDi

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Samantha Sheldon
Jul 26, 2016

I was hungry and craving seafood, so I turned to Yelp and ended up at Luke's Lobster. Food: I couldn't decide, so I ordered both the Lobster AND Crab Roll. They were both really tasty! I liked the lobster roll more because when eating the crab roll, I would occasionally bite into shells. Sides Notes Ambiance: The restaurant is super small. I ate at Luke's Lobster around 6:00 p.m. on a weekday and there was only one person eating. I bet it gets packed during lunch, though! Service: The staff was super nice; I felt like they gave me their honest recommendations. Overall: If you're craving seafood, stop on by!

Karen Oliver
Oct 19, 2016

My once a month guilty pleasure for lunch. The lobster roll is to die for. The lobster bisque actually has lobster in it. The clam chowder...just divine. Staff is always courteous and friendly. If you get their lobster card, afer 10 visits you get a free lobster roll. Highly recommend.

Tommy Nguyen
May 24, 2016

I visited this place based on the reviews while I am staying in the area. The service was great and they were helpful. Food was good as well since I love seafood i ordered clam chowder ($9 for large, $6 for small) soup and shrimp, lobster, crab rolls and blueberry soda $24). I was happy with my order.

Lynn Lan
Apr 27, 2016

Overall, their food is 3 stars, but the service knocked them down to 2. Let's start with the food: Pork soup dumplings: decent, skin not as thin as other places and meat filling was a bit bland Crabmeat & pork soup dumplings: OK, but couldn't really taste the crabmeat String beans with pork szechuan style: pretty good, slightly spicy, very flavorful Drunken Crab: served raw!! My first time trying raw crab. It was interesting and actually not bad at all! (and no tummy aches!) They marinade it in wine, and it's sweet. We ordered more soup dumplings after we finished our first batch. It was only 7PM, and the bus boy comes to our table and says "No more soup dumplings." Are you serious?? It's 7PM. The restaurant opens until midnight on Saturdays. There's no way there are no more soup dumplings. Apparently, this is their way to kick people out when there's a line forming for other diners. Fortunately, a nicer waitress came to us and said our soup dumplings are coming. But, how rude is that?! Did you really think we would believe you when you said no more soup dumplings at 7PM????! On a Saturday.

Jia Jack
Jun 10, 2016

Music was great. Kirk Whalen!!! Food was average but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Cramped but you'll love it.