Mad Dog & Beans

5 Reviews

Mark Seeley
Oct 28, 2016

I came to this place for dinner last week, it was busy, and the hostess found a table for us in no time. Sadly, our server was completely rude, and in a rush. I'm giving two starts just because the atmosphere was great, and the food was ok. but the server made us feel so uncomfortable. The management should keep an eye on their personal presentation, and their attitude towards the costumers. We didn't get to keep our bill copy, otherwise I would be more than happy to write her name. She is a 5,5 feet, bug-eyed, brunette, rubenesque, big bags under her eyes. I won't be coming back.

Tommy Nguyen
Jun 23, 2016

I came to this place for dinner and it was very busy, the place is a lot bigger than it looks from outside. My appetizer and dinner were very good. I was looking for skirt steak around this area and no luck until i came to this place. Our server was great, she was friendly and attentive even though the place was packed

Tim Mills
Jul 13, 2016

Great Food! Great selection! Service was very good. fun place to eat.

Chen Sh.
May 27, 2016

My work comes here sometimes. I like their Guacamole, the spicy one is very good, always fresh and filling. We've tried skirt steak, Burritos, they're all pretty good. Note this is American Mexican food, if you're looking for authentic Mexican food, this is not the place, otherwise, it's pretty good. There're 2 floors, also in summer, the back terrace is open, it's nice to sit outside. At lunch time, it's easily get packed outside.

Shivani Kharel
Jul 20, 2016

Bustling place, lively, great drinks. Good spot for happy hour, lunch and / or dinner! Delicious food!