Beckett's Bar & Grill

5 Reviews

BR Horton
Oct 31, 2016

First off, the waitress was so sweet and helpful. I did not enjoy the chicken wrap (i am not a super fan of wraps anyway) but the sweet potato fries were great. my wife had the calamari and really liked it. Other entrees looked great. was a little pricey but it's NYC. Not knocking NYC because NYC kicks major rear end. Love this place. Go Cowboys!

Ameya Bhakay
Oct 7, 2016

Service was a bit slow and the restaurant feels and looks like a good candidate for one of shows on Food Network... "Restaurant Impossible"... Old furniture, not so clean tables and chairs... Torn seat covers.. Felt very uninviting. But then again this was the only bar playing the Blue Jays vs Texas Playoffs, so... Ordered the veggie burger, which was surprisingly good. Had a very nice flavor and was filling. My colleague ordered a veggie burger with salad on the side... He found a piece of chicken in the salad. He was not too pleased about it, and the staff was reasonable enough to take it off our check.

Jia Jack
Jun 10, 2016

So I'm here all week for the Bill Evans Soulgrass show and I've been moving around to see what seats have the best sound. Don't sit in the very front row. There are two sets of speakers and you miss them and end up hearing more of the stage volume instead of what's really intended for the house. Every other spot sounds really great, including the bar area. The back corner has a higher platform where you can really see well. Also, the burger is good option for dinner. It was surprisingly good and $16 is great compared to the prices of the other entrees.

Ian O
Aug 21, 2016

Cheese on salad legitimately tasted old and the bartender lowered the projector screen in the empty bar halfway through our meal directly next to our table. I asked her if she could raise it and she said he manager wanted it down. Literally no one was watching that screen and they had the same screen on the other side of the bar and just refused to raise it. I thought it was rude and the food was bad as well.

Alan Medcalf
Sep 30, 2016

Good layout with many HD sports screens. Had pork chop and buffalo chicken wings, both fantastic and good value.