Insomnia Cookies

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Keep Smile
Jul 17, 2016

I really enjoyed shopping in this store. We got some olive oil...some vinegar...and samples of their amazing sopressata and mozzerella. Wow. Delicious. They have a terrific selection of cheeses - which I have been desperately searching for in Astoria ever since I moved here. Everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. I skipped a little down the street after walking out. I can't wait to go back and try something new!

D A??
Jun 26, 2016

In all honesty, the banana pudding is the reason why I have such a positive view of Magnolia Bakery and seek it out every time I'm in the city. Though I haven't had it very often, I've already developed such a connection that I will feel like I'm missing something if I don't get my hands on some pudding before I leave NYC. I don't think I can even articulate exactly what makes the pudding perfection, but I'll try. First off, if you are a giant sweet tooth like I am, this bread pudding will definitely hit the spot. Sweet but not sickly sweet. In addition, there is a perfect amount of 'chunkiness' in the pudding from the actual bananas and bread (maybe Nilla Wafers) mixed into the pudding. The texture is light and fluffy, and every bite just melts in your mouth. I adore this bread pudding. So it may sound like the bread pudding is enough to make Magnolia Bakery a bombing 5 stars, but I had to take off a star for the price and environment of this particular location. Located inside Grand Central, it's always so crowded and a bit disorganized. Also, containers of bread pudding start at $3.50 and just go upwards from there, making it not the cheapest dessert to grab. I have bought cupcakes here as a birthday gift for a friend, and they charged me extra for a pretty plain-looking gift box and ribbon, which was a little frustrating. Unfortunately, I didn't try the cupcakes for myself, but boy, did they look scrumptious! I will have to treat myself to another dessert in the Magnolia Bakery collection at some point. So yes, it's pricey and crowded, but if you're looking at trying the banana pudding, it's definitely worth it. You won't regret that $6 for a large. I know I never do.

May 31, 2016

Went in around midnight one night. It was pretty busy and waited for a few minutes to order. The cookies were SO GOOD. We ordered a 'six pack' and two pints of ice cream. The cookies were still warm when we got them back to our hotel. Wish we would have gone back before our vacation was over.

Rasmi Elasmar
Aug 27, 2016

Cookies as tasty as any other Insomnia location, but the people here are extra nice. Definitely stop by if you're craving something sweet after eating in the area.

Frank Visca
Oct 12, 2016

Phenomenal cookies! A very small interior. Definitely need to get a cookie here if you have an urge for some sweets!