Cafe Martorano

5 Reviews

arlene satenspiel
Oct 15, 2016

My experience was horrible. The hostess was rude and unprofessional. She did not try and accommodate us when we asked for a different table she basically told us that was our table, take it or leave it. There are plenty of restaurants around that are far better and are very welcoming. Never. Will I go back or recommend.I

Craig Leelman
Oct 5, 2016

Not just giving 5 stars because I'm afraid Steve will have me sleeping with the fishes if I say otherwise - food and experience was great! Don't mind the nightclub atmosphere.

Stephen LaMagna
Oct 11, 2016

I can't believe I haven't reviewed them until now. Been there dozens of times, and ALWAYS top notch. Some of the best Italian cooking I've ever had. Transports me immediately to my Mimi's kitchen.

William W
Jan 12, 2016

Food is great but they treat you like crap. We made reservations for a friends 50th bday party for 12 people. They sat us 30 min late and asked to leave an hour and a half after they sat us. Yes they actually said you guys have to leave now. Several people werent even done eating yet. They piled food in front of us family style and told us people where waiting for our table. If someone makes an 8pm reservation for 12 for a 50th bday party you would assume they won't be able to eat in an hour and half. The bill was $1400 and we drove an hour to eat there. Very very embarrassing and disappointing. They treat you like garbage. Last time we went there they sat us an hour after our reservation time. They turn and burn you and its crazy expensive. Their luck will run out treating people the way they do.

Michael Coyne
Feb 3, 2016

I was there in Dec I loved the place so much I went back the next night the good was out of this world and the martinis were great too tell steve his boys from Hoboken was looking for him