Laurel Hill Grill

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Paige Vanbrunt
Mar 10, 2013

The Laurel Hill Grill is around Laurel Hill School,Its a very nice spot to stop and eat!They have things from pizza,steak.and other southern style foods!They dont only have dinner,They also have breakfast,lunch,apetizers,and desserts!My favorite is the shrimp hoggie!Its best with shrimp,honey mustard,mayonaise,ketchup,and toasted poor boy bread.So if you ever decide to take a look around the great city of Laurel Hill make sure to stop at this fine resteraunt,and enjoy!

Caitlyn posey
Oct 7, 2015

I love it best chicken tenders around here

Jeff DePiazza
Sep 27, 2016

Enid Woodworth
Sep 8, 2016

Rebecca Bowen
Jun 9, 2016