Waffle House

5 Reviews

Ithink Productive
Aug 6, 2016

Always clean and prompt. I wish I could remember my waitresses name because she was the best waitress I've ever had, I was sure to tell her as I was leaving. She worked our order around to save us a little cash and was very sweet to my two little girls. Thank you!

Mar 14, 2016

They at least spoke when we walked in ... not sure if it was for us our the guy behind us. After waiting for 12-15 minutes my wife went to the counter and asked if we could get some coffee. The server brought coffee and when we tried to order she told us this isn't my table. Our server must be outside because she's not in the building. The wife and I got up and went to the Gazebo where we ordered the same meal for less money and were served quick and much better service. We will be dining at the Gazebo or any place other than the dump.

Kristy Sumner
Oct 16, 2016

Bad experience here waited for about 15 min to get a waitress then it's been about 10 min still haven't received my coffee just bad service

Gregory Allen
Apr 14, 2016

Its a decent place. Service is great, people are friendly.

Mike M
Dec 2, 2015

Quick, friendly service