Taco Bell

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Onders Kelto
Oct 27, 2016

Holy cow.... I have never experienced such terrible customer service in my entire life. The girl at the window tried to fight me - she said "come back after close" in a menacing manner. All of this because I asked when their truck comes. To which she said "its comes once a week on Sunday". I said, "its Tuesday at noon.. And the Chicken Tacos are a new product. So how did you guys only order enough to get your through a day and a half?" She appeared confused. I said "you guys didnt order enough for it being the second week of advertising." She said "We DID order enough - you people just took em all." I said "If theyre all gone, its not 'enough'." She said "We ordered ENOUGH, they just all got taken." I said, "do you know what enough means?" And then she tried to fight me.

Sheila Araujo
Aug 29, 2016

The food wasn't fully cooked, they forgot the sour cream after paying about $1.19 then the girl in drive thru got an attitude and instead of remaking food properly she hands us 3 small cups of sour cream, meximelts still not cooked and rolled eyes when asking for a spork for those cups. It made us sick

Jamie Barwick
Jun 27, 2016

The first time I have been to this Taco Bell and it was actually fast and clean. The manager was super nice and the food was better than it has been in the past!

Andrew Johnson
Jan 7, 2016

Worst taco bell I've ever been to. Seriously. Unfortunately, I'm addicted to cheesy Fiesta potatoes so I still go there and every time I have to wait at least 15 minutes in the drive thru. I have waited as much as 25-30 minutes!! And you can't leave bc of the way the drive thru is positioned. Also, someone needs to explain to them ( I would assume the manager...) that you don't need to let a person sit at the intercom, with 4 people behind them, while you clear the three people in front. To be clear, I'm sitting at the intercom with nobody talking to me while the three people in front of me all get their food and leave. Then I place my order and then the cook starts working. That's the most illogical way to take orders I've ever heard of. You're making it take longer because you think you're making it easier on ppl by spacing out the orders. In reality, you're just making everything slower.

Erica Barnes
Dec 14, 2015

This is the worst place in Marianna to eat. The people who work here are the rudist and most hateful people. They have no clue what fast is. We went in to eat one time and the guy messed up our order. When we said something to him he actually had the gull to get loud with my mom. When we said we would be calling corporate about it another employee had to hold him back because he called himself gonna come over the counter on my mom. Then when we called his manager she just brushed it off like it was excusable behavior.