Waffle House

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Clara Collins
Oct 29, 2016

My husband took me here on 10-28-16 as I was eating my waffle there was a long gold piece of hair under it. My husband let the waitress know and she didn't believe him, she was so unprofessional so I took a picture of the hair coming from under the waffle. She finally came over to the table after I heard her telling her co worker that there was no hair in my food I just didn't like my waffle the way it was made. She said oh there is hair sticking from under there, she made me another waffle when she could have done that in the first place, she didn't give us a receipt and I think she charged us for another waffle cause she didn't even let us see the receipt. The sad thing about this is I always go to the waffle house over there maybe 8 to 10 times a month now I will eat before going to Marianne since I am not appreciated. Yes I still have the pic on my phone.....

Matt Holloway
Oct 1, 2016

This location is always a 5 star experience. Fast friendly service. Marie is the best. She has the kind of smile that can make your day better.

Kelly Youngquest
Oct 5, 2016

Stopped in around 5am. Super friendly staff. Really good food. Clean. I keep forgetting how great of a place Waffle House is to eat. This was just another good reminder. :)

J. Longhurst
Jul 30, 2016

My mom and I went to this location in the evening on 7-29-16. I ordered the All star breakfast with coffee, she ordered the 2 egg breakfast. Her eggs were undercooked and grits were extra runny. They never brought her bacon. My scrambled well done eggs were way undercooked and and wet and sent back. We waited over 25 min for beverages and never received an order of bacon, and my waffle and recooked eggs. The table next to us got their food but still hadn't received any beverages and they were there before us. Another table arrived the same time as my mom and I and when we were leaving they still hadn't received any food. We won't be back. This visit was their second chance. On the first visit about a year ago they gave my 2 year old a carton of bad chocolate milk. He drank some of it before I knew it was bad. This time the table was sticky and dirty and all of the Windows were gross with a dead smashed fly on the one right next to me. It looks like greasy nastiness is building up and dripping down the windows with the condensation. Bon Appetit!

Jason Reynolds
Oct 8, 2016

Wow what fast and great service here!!!! I just order and my food is here already! !