Pizza Hut

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Danell White
Jun 20, 2016

Horrible. The manager Sarah is completely disrespectful! Awful person! I saw her with my own eyes drop a spoon and pick it up off the floor and put it back. Never washed it. Or her hands. Went straight from the register to food to other things. NEVER WASHED. We left. We got her name but didn't get the main office number. Our mistake on that. Until they make management changes we will not be back and will tell everyone else as well. Her work ethics are horrible!

Ali Rhodes
May 10, 2016

!!! AWFUL !!! Let me start by saying I normally go to the PH on the other side of town. Love them! I have never once had a bad experience there. But this one is terrible!!!!! They have had a bad reputation around town for years. Staffing seems to be a problem as they have a high turnover rate. But I thought we would give them a try as it was closer for my sister and the other one is always packed. Wish we had gone to the one by the interstate anyway! Terrible service! One waitress initially took out drink orders but then 5 minutes later when we should have gotten or drinks another one came and took it again! I explained we had already given our order and was given the explanation that shift had just changed so she was now or waitress. Why our order could not have been handled between the two of them I have no idea because the first waitress was still there. Then she brought our bills before we even had time to make our plates from the buffet, and they were wrong. When we asked about the issue, she was immediately defensive and let us know it was her first shift and that's how her manager said to ring it up. Nevermind the signs on all the tables saying otherwise! Fine, we let it go. Then she never comes back to the table. After we mentioned we needed refills, we waited 18 minutes before my sister got up and asked for the manager. She comes and immediately starts yakking about the bills. At this point, I'm annoyed so I explained how my 10 month old isn't rating off their buffet and therefore shouldn't be on my bill, and she tells me there's no need to get rude. So I very calmly explained to her that I didn't bring up the bill and that we asked to speak with her because of the lack of service but as she bought it up she could fix the issue now and go get us our refills. She dealt with it but was not very polite. I called the other PH and they said that is typical of the staff at that location. No wonder the whole hour and a half we were there only three other families dined there.

Shannon Croft
Jul 16, 2016

Understaffed, bad customer service because of this. Waited an hour for our pizza, never got the breadsticks. I felt like this was even better service than some other tables got. It helped that there was a playroom for the kids, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to wait so long.

Jamie Barwick
May 31, 2016

This place needs to be closed down. It's nasty the people who work there are rude and nasty. Will NEVER go back.

Michael Culkin
Jan 4, 2016

They made one of the best pizzas I've ever had. Helpful and courteous staff. Restaurant is older and needs updating, but overall satisfactory.