Pizza Hut

5 Reviews

Zearon 331
Jul 25, 2016

Never ever ever EVER go here. This place gets no stars. After a 13 hour day of hard manual labor out in the hot Florida sun for work on a Sunday, my coworkers and I were very hungry. It took them 30 minutes to seat us and ask us what we wanted to drink, and another 30 minutes to get two of my coworker's food. Another coworker and I never got our food till we were leaving, which was an hour and a half after we got there. They didn't even seem to care that it took so long. They were wrapping up a large party when we initially arrived, but other then that, there were less then 10 people in the whole place, who were all also waiting for service and food. It was truly a horrible experience.

katherine wakeland
Oct 14, 2016

Our waitress Sabrina was fabulous.Great food great service.

Aaron Godwin
May 2, 2016

Great tasting pizza and was ready just as I arrived. Friendly staff and even made sure my drinks were cold before I left.

Tina Boyd
Sep 8, 2016

The beer on hand did not match menu selection, they got my pizza order wrong, requested a glass to drink my beer from, and when it arrived....finally.... it looked like it had never been washed. Very disappointing.

Erica Barnes
Dec 14, 2015

Always has really yummy food and a very pleasant place to take your family to eat. The people are very friendly.