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jaquiya smith
Feb 27, 2016

I went to buy cookies , mostly chocolate chip . And I asked the lady whom stated her name was "Jodi" would she make anymore cookies ? Or was there any cooking ? And she said "no , I just got here" with an attitude . She didn't say she was going to cook any or anything , knowing that I would rather have chocolate chip . No apology or anything. Don't think I'll be visiting anymore . Very rude.

Yvette Searcy
Sep 5, 2015

I visited subway tonight and did not like what I saw. One of the employees named Penny acted very rude to another customer. She cursed at her and called her out her name. She also threatened to fight the customer. This was horrible customer service. If this how your enloyees act ,I never want to bring my business back and wouldn't recommend that anyone else shouldn't either.

Jacob McKinnie
Apr 5, 2013

Very good food. SKIMPY on the meat though.

Janai Mills
Sep 16, 2016

Jason Griffin
Dec 18, 2015