Ruby Tuesday

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Ron Pheneuf
Oct 18, 2016

I sat at a small table across from the bar. Sat there a while until another gentleman sat at the next table. The bar tender then went to his table, then mine for drink orders. Until then not even an "I'll be right with you" . I ordered a wine. Shortly she brought the other man his drinks, not even an "it will be a moment to me". Now I am timing my service. 15 minutes later, just as I am about to get up an leave, she let's me know she had to get anothe bottle. 3 minutes later I get my wine and order dinner, steak, medium; baked potato; zuchini and a lobster tail. Shimp poon Thai appetizer. Got the breaded shrimp with enough sauce for first couple of pieces. Most of the meal came out when half done with the app. No lobster tail, brought to her attention. Steak was good....potato so old was dark yellow not so warm either. Zuchini very heavy on pepper. Half way done with dinner I was told the lobster tail was only half cooked and she ordered another. She also took it off the bill, nice. Ten minutes after finishing dinner got the bill. Never did get the lobster tail. Staff was polite. Manager went through motion of expressing concern and asked how could fix it. This is strike 3 for Ruby Tuesday restuarants.

Glen Martin
May 2, 2016

I had my experience approximately 10 months ago. I know its late but I met someone from Marianna, FL and it reminded me of this place and i never left a review. This place is awesome. My truck broke down off I-10 and I was sort of stranded in the area. There were only a couple restaurants near by and with no vehicle I was stuck with Sonny's BBQ or Ruby Tuesday. I had bad experience in tbe past with other RTs but I took a chance anyway. The establishment was very clean and upkept. The employee were the best. They were professional and fun to be around. The salad bar was great and the steak was top notch. Needless to say, i did not get tired of this place after visiting everyday for 5 days A+.

Leanna Ranew
Apr 2, 2016

My daughter wanted to eat here for her 8th birthday. When I asked the waiter if they sang happy birthday he replied "O My God! No could you imagine me having to sing Happy Birthday? That is for fools!" They placed us in a middle table where our chairs were constantly bumped by staff rushing by. Unfortunately there were staff constantly walking by but we didn't rate to be given silverware or our drinks refilled. Our experience was AWFUL!

Don Snyder
Sep 9, 2016

Extraordinary courtesy service and good food

Janice Wilks
Oct 14, 2016

Was very good this time, can be inconsistent