5 Reviews

Lela Weese
Oct 6, 2016

GOOD food fast service, good atmosphere.

Greg VanKleef
Oct 8, 2016

There people are always friendly.

de morrissey
Jan 8, 2013

Every time we have gone to this location we have always had the best service. The unit is spotless and they have the cleanest restrooms l have ever been in, in a fast service restaurant. We love it.

Renda Brooks
Feb 4, 2012

Walked in to get a drink. Place was short of help and people had already been waiting more than 15 min. for their food. I stood @ the counter for more than 5 minutes & was ignored. Left and went elsewhere for the soda.

Thomas Carlisle
Sep 13, 2015

Cleanest fast food joint in a three county area.