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Leah Zink
Apr 17, 2016

I had the rudest encounter with the drive through employee I have ever had in my life here today. She barely said a word to me (not even the price of the food) and rolled her eyes two separate times when I asked for a cup of water and a straw, not even trying to hide it. She handed me my food and shut the drive through window without a word. No thank you, no come again, nothing. Pretty sure she was an older manager type, and acted like she was going to punch me through the window just for existing. Extremely rude. Never again.

jonathan mcneil
Jun 5, 2016

The employees dumb ass bag of rocks payed seven bucks for a damn breakfast bowl but instead a get one biscuit and a gravy bowl they are very slow and gave it a bad experience

Julie LeClerc
Nov 25, 2014

Had a great breakfast this morning. I had a bacon egg & cheese biscuit, a cinnamon raisin biscuit, and coffee. My friend had a omelet biscuit. The food was great & the employees were cheery, friendly and helpful. Will definitely stop in again when I go through the area

Rick Meeks
Sep 27, 2016

The food was not good wondering why I never seen nobody come in while I was here open my sandwich up and couldn't tell what was on it old grease something made my stomach sick never eat her again

Mairelys Teruel
Aug 2, 2016

Great hamburgers ????????