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Charlotte Allen
Sep 24, 2016

Went through the drive thru this morning ordered hotcakes with sausage, 2 big breakfast with hotcakes, a breakfast burrito, oj, and sweet tea. They brought me my tea, hotcakes and burrito. I was nice and told the woman at the window about what all else I had ordered she said it's coming, I said thank you. A few minutes later she came back asked to see my receipt so I gave it to her she looked at the screen and handed it back. She came back with one big breakfast with hotcakes so I told her I was missing my other big breakfast with hotcakes she rolled her eyes shut the window and then another woman came asked me for my receipt so I handed it to her. She came back with the rest of my order said here and shut the window. I was nice to each of these 2 women and they were both very rude and acted as if I were lying about my order. The 2nd woman kept my receipt. Neither offered to say sorry for the mix up or for your wait. This is first class sorry costumer service. I called up there but I do not think it did any good because I am almost sure the 2nd woman at the window was the manager. I do have the first woman's name and will be calling corporate to let them know how I was treated this morning. You know when you have a receipt to prove what you have ordered and they are still rude and treat you like your lying something is wrong there.

Aug 9, 2016

Sat in the second lane of the drive through at the speaker and watched 5 cars go through the first lane. Before someone asked for our order. I was polite. I asked what the problem was? She kept yelling may I take your order. Hate is lives at the drive through of this McDonalds.

Krystal Sheeran
Aug 23, 2016

Clean brand new place! Drive thru is always really fast in the mornings when I need it. Can always count on a good deal here.

James Bergholt
Jun 23, 2016

Questionable as to whether or not your items will be made correctly manager not at all friendly corporate will back you up if your meal is wrong

Brian & Amber Buchanan
Oct 10, 2016

Seemed like a stale English muffin.Not too hot,not too cold.