Domino's Pizza

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Kat Lee
Jun 1, 2016

My server was Al, the closing nighttime deliverer. He's the best. We're bro's now cause he delivers me food like daily. Keep on keepin on Al. Also the food is really good but the service is the best. Only Al thought.

Kirk Thompson
Sep 5, 2016

Last time I ordered from the Marianna location I was surprised how good it was. Everything I ordered was ready as ordered. Ordering again tonight, I hope I get the same experience.

Jack Manns
Nov 8, 2015

I walked in. Waited. Two were busy. A large black woman came out of somewhere and asked if she could help me. I loudly said pick up. She turned and addressed another employee. (you have cameras?) They talked. Finally she walked to the counter as if walking is a chore. Looked at me with a blank stare as if I was a problem. I gave her my name as I looked at her apron and wondered if she roll around in flower and dough. It was the most no energy person I encountered in Marianna yet. (Almost every encounter in Marianna is no smile, I have a job I hate). She pulled my online payment. Had me sign. All with zero energy (me wondering if I would have to call 911 in case she passed out) Finally and I tipped $2.00 on a take order she dropped the pie on the counter. Zero energy, zero welcome, cold as ice!!!. ZERO up-sale but one step at a time!!! She looked as if she could barely make it. LOOK at your cameras. After she turned her back to me, I asked for plenty of red pepper and parm! And that took time, really, you had to see the 2.00 tip, not to mention your job is to please whether you like it are not. Her apron was dirty. I stood at the counter while I was greeted by one that continued to do some sort of prep. Another I could not see was at the cook station. Then the one that is fulfilling my order came out. I thought she may have been busy but after a brief conversation with the prep guy. She just stood there after several heartbeats looked at me and asked what I needed. AGAIN, I said pick up. Gave my name. AND STILL had to work, watching wondering is it a chore. Am I that unpleasing to your eye. After repeating myself for the third time, since I was agitated for having to stand at the counter (a young couple was necking on the bench) for far too long before I was greeted. And there was zero energy, zero smiles, zero reasons for me want to go back EVER. Look at your cameras and to be precise, store 5116 11/08/15 Order 292598 5:46pm Server Power (ironic) Carry-Out Jack Manns. Will anything change probably not but from here forth I will keep A precise log since this is not just Dominos, It is a weakness a cancer in Marianna that, I make it a point to compliment shining stars, in the rare occasion I run across them. And the corps NEVER offer me anything for taking the time to compliment. Perhaps it is the reason that we have a good experience we come back, but if we have a bad experience we tell 7 not to go. IN MY CASE I will tell the WORLD every experience that happens as it should anywhere in Marianna, and I have taken the time to compliment employees that made my day. Still waiting to hear from Mcdonalds buy the way!!! There is one guy at a Family Dollar that made me feel welcome. Maybe two out of all of Walmart that deserve praise. Even Pilot just because they did their job. And one shining star at Greenwood Super Market! But Dominos, this last trip, may make me never order AGAIN.

Jessica Chaddock
Apr 22, 2016

Great food but very slow service. I placed an order for two medium pizzas and it took almost an hour. They were extremely busy. They were apologetic for the wait time but they need to hire more people.

Misty Edenfield
Feb 17, 2016

It took me 2 hours to get my order, it was cold and late, I gave the driver 40.00 and I didn't get any change back from or the order was only 21.00 and he forgot my drink. I called the store before he left and they said they'd send my drink out with the new food. Waited another hour they never came back, called back again, they refunded me only the 21.00 and a pizza, still no order or drink so the kid got a 19.00 tip for being late and me having no food or drink..... very unhappy and I will not order again.