Burger King

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Lindsay Deal
Oct 23, 2016

Ordered a whopper Jr. with no meat. I was given one with meat, so I turned around to get the correct one with no meant add cheese and everything else on it. I received one with no cheese and MOLD growing on both tomatoes. That is unacceptable to serve food like that. Will never go back! Unfortunately I had to rate this comment one star or it wouldn't let me post.

emma cedeno
Jun 30, 2016

Worst place ever they got my order wrong after I repeated myself three times the place is Dirty there is food all over the floor they were out of lids and ketchup I went to ask for some and stood there for about 5mins till someone acknowledged me and for a fast food restaurant this was a very long wait Save yourself a bad experience and Don't stop here!

Bo Price
Nov 30, 2015

Food and cleanliness is decent. I would consider it average at best when compared to other Burger Kings and fast food restaurants that I've been to. Nice place to stop for a quick and cheap meal.

Cindy Graber
Jan 29, 2014

worst Burger King around the foo d is terrible stay away

Kevin Spring
Sep 6, 2013