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frida birgitte johansen
Jun 5, 2016

Horribel place. First they made our BigMac wrong then the chicken in the chicken wrap was all cold and burned. Chicken nugget was burned, tastes old and was cold. While they were remaking our food(that took 10 minutes) the teenager boys in the kitchen talked about me because I was looking at them from the cashier to see how they made my food. Very rude staff and slowest McDonalds I ever been to. It was more than 3 people in the line that waited for their food to be remade after it was cold or wrong. Praying for not being sick from this meal, but after being 13 hours on the road I was to hungry not to eat it... A stop that delayed our way home with 45 minutes..

Deborah Kuettel
Jul 16, 2016

I only go to McDonald's for an ice cream cone. DQ is next to McDonald's and McDonald's have better tasting soft service ice cream for much less than DQ

Krystal Sheeran
Aug 23, 2016

Great stop on I-10. They're remodeled too so they have really cool kiosks & nice decor. Clean & friendly.

Chuck Strong
Oct 17, 2016

Had chicken sandwich meal..fries cold..chicken warm at best..ordered chicken guessed it cold..had a large Root beer was the only thing that was right temp..service was excellent brought food out to table quick..I would have waited longer for a hot meal..

Jodie Clements
May 17, 2016

Hash browns were not greasy or overcooked, and mcgriddles were fluffy and delicious. Best mcdonalds breakfast in awhile