5 Reviews

Kiara Negron
Oct 18, 2016

Clean bathrooms, beautiful remodelled building, great food and very friendly service. :)

Kandi Davis
Jun 19, 2016

The most rudest restaurant I have been too. Stood in a long ass line for 20 minutes because cashier was filling orders while other workers stood around talking to family member and friends. I will never eat here again. Please restaff this restaurant.

Tiara Kutchey
Aug 10, 2016

I purchased the baconatior fries, When I revived them the bacon was Burt awfully. When I took them back in there to get it fixed they was very rude and gave me back new fries with shredded cheese that was not melted.

Weshalas Apollo
Aug 1, 2016

Always good food and Spicy Chicken:)

Lana Drake
Oct 10, 2016

It has been updated, but it's menu options are bleh!