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James Sheppard
Mar 20, 2016

The service in the restaurant was good. That's about the only thing good about it. Stay away from the ziti, I don't think my dog would eat it.

Karen Gardner
Apr 7, 2016

CLEAN! Very nice. I love the Driver's Lounge and the food places surrounding TA...Great location!

Joseph Rowe
May 18, 2016

Nice food. Good prices. Made it a quick stop and it was worth it.

Holly Robinson
Aug 6, 2015

Horrible place to stay for even five minutes! This particular store/truck stop had the most disgusting restrooms I've ever seen!! My husband and I ate at the restaurant (Country Pride) and felt we could have eaten better off the dollar menu at McDonald's! The food tasted of old grease and wasn't thoroughly cooked. Plus, to top off our disappointing/expensive meal we watched from our booth table many of what seemed to be drug deals being made with "customers" that had been walking around out front of the store/truck stop. My husband noticed there were two young teens sitting beside the entrance door of the store area and they made themselves very obvious of their reason of being there. Needless to say, I didn't feel safe there at all and if I had been a woman alone I wouldn't have stayed for business once I saw the activities going on at this convenient store/restaurant!! This business is in DESPERATE need of night management (I'm not sure what the service or food is like during normal working hours but do know what I saw, paid for and experienced that night I visited) that wants to see this business succeed and expand in the future!!

Jackie Mulrain
Jul 27, 2015

so crowded and noisy people waited for their chicken at popeyes for quite awhile the tacos at taco bell tasted as if meat was sitting out too long have been here many times but i guess never on a saturday in July i will goes elsewhere next time trash in all containers were overflowing