Firehouse Subs

5 Reviews

Ithink Productive
Aug 1, 2016

Best sandwiches ever. I suggest the steak sub or the hearty and flavorful which are all under 500 calories. The day managers are so friendly and welcoming.

Mary Henson
Jun 22, 2016

I have had issues the past several times I have tried to order from this location to the point that I will not order again. Every time I call to place a pick up order I get placed on hold and staff never return to the call. I was so perturbed the last time, I actually drove to the shop while on hold and when I arrived the shop was no way busy to warrant the excessive wait. The sandwiches are extremely soggy and not to the quality I had come to expect from Firehouse what HAD been my favorite sandwich shop.

john Doe
Apr 3, 2016

I moved from Indy to this town near Marianna, and my love for this place fallow me. Well I'm sad to say how disappointed I am with this location. The last couple of times my sandwich has been so soggy because they were probably not paying attention. As I watch them watch a football game while making my sandwich. Will it just got worst, I found a long black hair curled in the sandwich and I didn't realize it until in was in my mouth ???? I was so grossed out that I puked! Makes me wonder if they even wash their hands. I would not recommend this location, and I don't think I can have another Firehouse Sandwich.

Christy Harris
Aug 13, 2016

Great staff that usually brings your order directly to your table and makes sure everything is the way you want.

Donteris hartsfield
Dec 29, 2015

Very great food staff is great they make sure u get ur food on time