5 Reviews

Jamie Barwick
Jun 23, 2016

Service is sooooo slow. You may as well go somewhere, sit down, and have a real meal caus ethe wait time is beyond ridiculous! And they always hire the most ridiculous people. So rude!

Krystal Sheeran
Aug 23, 2016

Such a friendly place! They seriously know everyone & treat everyone like family. Love to sit inside & eat when I can.

Will Green
Apr 1, 2016

This was the worst McDonald's I have ever seen 2am it is cash only the guy at window is rude as if I am bothering him I ask him to take the cup back that he gave me and throw it away and he says no and I ask again and he replays with there is a garbage can in front and I drop it on ground and the guy at window come out the front door yelling in Marianna Florida by iten also please ware gloves

Roy wood
Aug 13, 2016

store # 3687 in marianna fl has poor service . waited in line for along time and watched the manager play around with the staff. That store needs new management or just shut the doors.

Chase Elkins
Jun 13, 2016

My girlfriend says the food is bad for me but it taste pretty good!