Pizza Hut

5 Reviews

steven taylor
Oct 26, 2016

Stupid, ignorant staff. Terrible food. The "deals" you see in ads, they don't honor them. Just all around bad place to eat. Avoid them

Weshalas Apollo
Oct 31, 2016

Bad service not only to us but all 3 tables around us. But great food.

Michael Culkin
Jan 4, 2016

Service is slow, staff are rude and ignore you. Pizza's are skimpy in size, Topping's, and quality. They have they're own interpretation about how special offer's can be used, which doesn't match the ad.!! I would avoid this location if you can.

Rius Ridgeway
Mar 30, 2016

Some of the plates were a little dirty and there were not many choices. Also the workers took forever to clean of the tables but that might have been because of lunch rush.

Jay Fiala
Mar 25, 2013

Great service.