Pilot Travel Center

5 Reviews

Waller Transport
Jan 16, 2016

Pretty clean, fast service at the fuel desk.The employees are actually working instead of talking to each other. It also has a Walmart super center next door and plenty of restaurants in walking distance. I really wish more truck stops had restaurants so close.

Ellen Woods
Oct 3, 2016

Skimmer on pump 8. Manager just tried to tell me my bank charged me $150 for $13.45 in gas. I don't think so. Must be HIS skimmer.

Lacey singleton
Mar 13, 2016

Next to walmart, small broken lot, but the manager is great! So helpful and friendly and makes you want to return...if only every pilot was managed so well!

weston gallagher
Sep 20, 2015

I had a great experience at the pilot/arbys... arbys looked like it has been recently redone. Good service and one of the best turkey swiss sandwiches ive ever had at arbys.

Taylor Hodges
May 20, 2016

About the only thing at this exit. Denny's is typical. Easy to get in and out.