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de morrissey
Jan 8, 2013

Could have been a better experience however the two times we were in the shoppe, there were only 2 people working

Virginia Ryals
Jul 17, 2015

Steady improvements

Gregory VanKleef
Oct 8, 2016

It's OK

A Google User
Apr 6, 2010

The usual expectations from a subway: skimp on meat and cheese. This subway now refuses to offer tap-water (They even refuse to sell a water cup) in an apparent attempt to raise revenue on bottled water. They have repeatedly run out of spinach, and an employee indicated that the owner is reducing costs by purchasing less. A sign on their vegie storage indicates they have limited amounts of tomato and green peppers due to market conditions. Hopefully the franchise takes notice soon.

Khalil Hughes
Apr 13, 2016