Shevy's Sports Bar & Grill

5 Reviews

Tyler Leimer
Oct 21, 2016

Great hole in the wall bar. Great crowd and good service. Please get the gyro, you won't be disappointed.

Jason Dueling
May 21, 2016

Been there two other times and the food was great! Third time was awful. You'd think from the price of food that they could afford to keep the place up (chairs are ripped up and tables are wobbly, tables from previous customers not cleaned in a timely manner). I ordered the prime rib sandwich with a cup of soup, mashed potatoes and corn. The soup had no flavor, corn tasted like it was frozen then reheated three times, mashed potatoes had rock hard clumps in it and the "prime rib" tasted like a salt lick. So it worked out that the portion size was so small since it was awful. I don't expect world class dining at a bar but when I'm paying that much I expect it to be better than Burger King. I had my family with me and the kids burgers were really dry and our drinks weren't refilled once. I was shocked when the bill came, I hate it when substitutions cost extra and they don't tell you (onion rings, extra ranch,ect). A $13 burger should be worth it. I will never be back, we should have just gone to five guys and fries.

Jordan Frost
Dec 3, 2015

I am not sure why I didn't discover this place sooner!! I had one of the best Walleye sandwiches since moving to the Omaha area 17 years ago. The tartar sauce was homemade and tasted great! The service was even better than the food! Some people comented on the inside being run down. I didn't think so at all. I would call it more cozy with a hometown feel and super clean. If you haven't eaten here yet you have got to try it!!

Tony Vacanti
Aug 3, 2016

Nice little neighborhood bar that serves some pretty good food. Not the cleanest or largest of establishments, but we enjoy the friendly staff and keep coming back.

Steven Benton
Jul 23, 2016

Nice peope good bar great food