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Lesa Harrie
Oct 3, 2016

This place is disgusting ! Everything, tables, floor, drink station, counter is extremely dirty. There a natts flying around the meat and vegetables. I have been there when there are a few customers and I have never, ever seen anyone cleaning anything. I will never go into this place again!

SkinnyMinny Ent
Apr 5, 2016

They don't clean there dishes, they handle food with no care, there are bugs in the food and they will pick it out and not tell you. But still serve you the food!! Disgusting!!! Never eat here unless it's packaged like chips, apples etc. even then check the experation date. Don't even eat the salads you should see what the inside of the bowl looks like they use to chop your veggies in. They have mice or used to they might've killed the family.

Glenn Harris
Feb 1, 2016

Excellent sandwich shop. Staff is friendly, manager is extremely helpful and bread and veggies are fresh.

Panashe Jacha
Apr 27, 2014

Awesome. Good customer service.