Burger King

5 Reviews

Justin Kinser
Oct 16, 2016

My food was awesome tried the new Cheetos chicken fries they were awesome demetria was great made ne feel like a person not just another order however Brenda was rude and talked to people as if they were not well human very wrong

Dianne Cihal
Oct 3, 2016

The place was dirty. Men's bathroom was out of order. Out of condiments and containers. Employees uniforms tacky. Will drive else where next time.

Daisy Raine
Dec 27, 2015

Idk what these other people are talking about below but I love this place! I've been here three times for my lunch hour and they're the nicest, quickest people you'll ever meet. And their food is delicious! (Don't listen to these other negative people below).

Christopher Cummins
Jun 28, 2016

I mean... come on, it's Burger King. Of course I'm going to give it five stars.

Dec 17, 2015

Decent fast food