Tanner's Bar & Grill

5 Reviews

steve w
Oct 23, 2016

Hello my name is Steve, myself and two friends stopped by your west Omaha st store this last Friday. The young lady that waited on us did and excellent job! From my understanding it was only her second day on the job! Great Job! Steve

Kyle Jenkins
Oct 15, 2016

Best burgers around. Great atmosphere. Large and open layout is good for people who hate crowds.

Tim Shadley
Sep 20, 2016

Food was great, service was less than desired. Ralston location offers much better service!

Jesse Pahan
Sep 23, 2015

Horrible service and expensive for the quality of food ... Sat at the bar with my wife after a movie ... The bartender basically ignored us the whole time ... Some other lady finally gave us menus drinks sat empty for over 20 mins and it wasn't even busy ... The woman and bartender proceeded to complain about a drunk guy that they kept feeding shots basically the entire time ... They were to busy complaining to even care about our service and empty drinks finally asked for a to go box for our wings the lady basically just threw it at us ... I said thank you as she just walked away... Like she was annoyed we were even there .... Won't go back

Ron Powers
May 13, 2016

Service has gone way down. Sat at bar was very slow then to top it off had to ask bar tender for my winnings from keno..was only $5 but had to ask for it after she replayed my ticket.. Sad...