Home2 Suites Omaha West

5 Reviews

Gemma Jacob
Oct 25, 2016

Rooms are great with fantastic amenities. Location has lots of convenient stores around it, with a shopping mall just up the street. Staff are always friendly and helpful.

Leann Olson
Aug 21, 2016

We arrived late night after a long drive, I should have known when at midnight people were still hanging on the Lobb and outside it may not be the place for us, we just wanted a good night's sleep. We're given keys to our room but after we unloaded(we had a lot of stuff) we could not get the keys to open the door, also along the way to put room people were partying with their doors open. I asked for a different room but there were none available. The Front desk girl couldn't get our room open with the master key either. Thankfully she offered to put us up at a different hotel so we loaded everything back and went to the Residence Inn which was much nicer and quieter. I do appreciate then doing that but would never stay in a home 2 hotel again. I have had no other issues with other hilton hotels.

Nick Costanzo
Oct 4, 2016

Nice new hotel, but dirty. Glasses in room were filthy, bathroom wasn't clean, and fire pit area had every trash can over flowing with trash. Staff was friendly but hotel is a dirty mess.

Tim Gutschenritter
Aug 3, 2016

This place has all the right things to be great but fails extensively! On the upside the staff was great, pool area / room was clean, recycle bins, eco friendly, room well equipped with kitchen utensils, dishwasher, toaster, etc. On the downside: Slow internet, uncomfortable beds (not 1 room on site with a double bed option), no on site bar or restaurant. The entire building has no ventilation / AC. Luckily it's a new hotel... Gonna get stuffy after being open a while tho guaranteed. The doors in this place are all super whack too! They either don't open or slam and the cleaning crew isn't wiping them down... Noticed tons of guests with pets... Gotta clean when there are animals frequently staying right!? Really dug what I saw online and I usually stay in a nice place when taking the family. Disappointed with the experience after staying tho ????Hopefully this place can turn it around as the opportunity is there to be a step above the rest!

Kelly Basinger
May 16, 2016

Excellent hotel! Their bed sheets, towels and linens have always been squeaky clean and fresh!!! Housekeeping does a wonderful job and the staff overall are very friendly and accommodating. Downfall: their hotel Wi-Fi is very slow and you can purchase high speed through the hotel yet it is still so slow.