Runza® Restaurant

5 Reviews

Nolan Carson
May 22, 2016

Good food. A Nebraska staple. Who knew we needed more cabbage with our beef. My kids love the mini corn dogs and oranges. Too bad they got rid of the fruit punch.

Josh Meyer
Jan 3, 2016

Last time I was here they under cooked the fries and corn dogs on all 3 orders I had. Tonight it is 845 and no one is to be found with signage stating they are open till 930. This place has lost a customer who was willing to give them a second chance.

Steven Benton
Jul 23, 2016

Great Burgers and Fries.

ashley Harger
Mar 12, 2015

The employees were so friendly and as with any Runza the food was great.

Eric Miller
Jan 18, 2012

I freaking love Runza.